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Are Your Soft Skills “Savvy” Enough?

Have you ever thought about the difference between the person whose career seems to be taking off, and someone equally skilled that can’t seem to get the same breaks? Your business etiquette skills truly matter!

You may choose from the following topics or choose them all for your specifically tailored workshop to fit your workplace needs led by our CEO, Treva Graves, a Certified Business Etiquette Trainer.

Topics Include:

Network with Success, How to Make Great Small Talk, The Art of Introductions and Remembering Names, The Power of a Handshake, Eye Contact and Body Language, Business Card Protocol, Telephone – Email – Smartphone Etiquette, Gender and Generations in the Workplace, Please – Thank You -You’re Welcome, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Apologies and Mistakes, How to Handle Co-Worker or Customer Conflict, Remote Work/Zoom Protocols, Hosting, Attending and Speaking at the Perfect Meeting, Dining Etiquette.

This presentation will improve your business intelligence by informing you the vital skills needed to thrive, not just survive, in any business environment.

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