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Stop Saying You’re Sorry and Get on With It!

Unnecessary or avoidable apologizing can hurt your professional self. Why? Because apologizing when you’ve done nothing wrong isn’t fair to yourself, and apologizing too often can lessen the power of the words when you’ve actually made a mistake. If you apologize too much, people will no longer accept it as legitimate.  Apologies that come across as insincere break professional trust and set women back in achieving their goals.

Most people can admit that they’ve used the phrase “I’m sorry” as an easy way out and sometimes rushing to admit fault makes it easier to ignore mistakes. Ever done this? Everyone has. But, apologizing does not course correct, or offer a solution.

Women bring a unique perspective to the workplace, but they also face unique challenges as they climb the corporate ladder into leadership positions. Meeting these challenges head on presents an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on your situation and those women of future generations.    In this presentation, you will find out what success means to you, discuss five obstacles for women in leadership, and learn how to remove the “I’m sorry” and replace it with something much more valuable.

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