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The Style File – A Woman’s Guide to Dress for Success

Treva’s book guides you how to clean up your closet, develop a capsule wardrobe, teach you the psychology of color and includes her 30-Day Style Challenge. She shows you how to develop a personal brand by building a “relationship” with your clothes that can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life. The book is filled with tips and strategies on how to dress for your body shape, build confidence, set goals and approach life with a positive attitude. Gain inspiration through pictures and stories sprinkled with humor to motivate and inspire you to improve your image and present yourself authentically to the world.  Your appearance significantly impacts how you are perceived. Join Treva in her journey of educating every woman to dress for success with “joy” every day. You will notice a lasting impact on your attitude and personal success!

Start your journey to success today!

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Get Noticed – A 30-Day Plan to Bloom Your Brand

Treva’s e-book will guide you through a 30-day process of building your personal brand while at the same time boosting your reputation to be visible, credible and trustworthy. You will work on 6 key attributes needed to create and build your authentic brand. In 30 days, you will have a tailor-made personal branding strategy and the skills required to execute it with maximum success. You and your impression will truly become memorable.

Treva has included exercises for you to dig deep into your values, passions, strengths and purpose to determine what makes you unique. This valuable insight about yourself will provide you with motivation and clarity for years to come. Think of this discovery process as a journey that evolves and changes as you go through your life. Your brand is your reputation.

Treva looks forward to seeing you GROW, THRIVE and ACHIEVE success to “Get Noticed”.

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Personal Brand Assessment Checklist

Your personal brand is important for your job search, for building a business, or for continuing your career growth. Your personal brand consists of all the different elements that tell your story, from your website, social media posts, LinkedIn profile, Google search results and your real life persona.

To assess your personal and online presence, Treva created a checklist with 22 questions you must ask yourself to determine if yours is impressionable and memorable. If it isn’t, call her to day and she can help you BLOOM into the brand that is uniquely yours.