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Self-Doubt Detox: 5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence

Is Self-Doubt holding you back from living the life you want? Self-Doubt Detox: 5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence is packed with compelling experiences to inspire, motivate and help guide you on your journey of healing to happiness.

If your bully is blocking you from reaching your true potential, Treva will show you how to quiet the inner critic and turn up the cheerleader inside of you. Regain your power using her #1 Branded Bloom Methodology and learn to be Confident, Bold and Brave!

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The Style File – A Woman’s Guide to Dress for Success

Treva’s book guides you how to clean up your closet, develop a capsule wardrobe, teaches you the psychology of color and includes her 30-Day Style Challenge. She shows you how to develop a personal brand by building a “relationship” with your clothes that can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life. Her book is filled with tips and strategies on how to dress for your body shape, build confidence, set goals and approach life with a positive attitude. Gain inspiration through pictures and stories sprinkled with humor to motivate and inspire you to improve your image and present yourself authentically to the world.  Your appearance significantly impacts how you are perceived. Join Treva on her journey of educating every woman to dress for success with “joy” every day. You will notice a lasting impact on your attitude and personal success!

Start your journey to success today!

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Get Noticed – A 30-Day Plan to Bloom Your Brand

Treva’s e-book will guide you through a 30-day process of building your personal brand while at the same time boosting your reputation to be visible, credible and trustworthy. You will work on 6 key attributes needed to create and build your authentic brand. In 30 days, you will have a tailor-made personal branding strategy and the skills required to execute it with maximum success. You and your impression will truly become memorable.

Treva has included exercises for you to dig deep into your values, passions, strengths and purpose to determine what makes you unique. This valuable insight about yourself will provide you with motivation and clarity for years to come. Think of this discovery process as a journey that evolves and changes as you go through your life. Your brand is your reputation.

Treva looks forward to seeing you GROW, THRIVE and ACHIEVE success to “Get Noticed”.


360Reach Personal Branding Survey

So, what do people really think about you? Treva Graves, is a 360Reach Certified Personal Brand Analyst and can help you understand your professional reputation and how you are perceived by others. She will administer this powerful survey, analyze your feedback and coach you through your results.

The 360Reach Personal Brand Survey enables you to get the true story about how you are perceived by those around you. Included is a 20 page individualized reputation report that gives you insights you need to know so you can build your brand and expand your success to position yourself for a job, enhance your leadership skills, increase your influence, make a mark on your organization or build your business as an entrepreneur.  With 360Reach, you will gain information about your brand attributes, strengths, weaknesses and leadership personas. You will see how your self-perceptions differ from the perceptions of those who know you.  You get the real scoop about the brand called YOU!



Who doesn’t love a free download? Here are a bunch of guides, how-tos, and freebies to help you discover your authentic self and build your confidence.

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9 Building Blocks of Personal Empowerment Checklist

Take charge of your life with this 9 page Personal Empowerment Checklist.  In it are tips and guidance given over several weeks as building blocks to gain confidence and control in your life, making positive decisions that lead to achieving your goals.

Download now to begin your journey to self-discovery and personal growth!

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Personal Brand Assessment Checklist

Your personal brand is important for your job search, for building a business, or for continuing your career growth. Your personal brand consists of all the different elements that tell your story, from your website, social media posts, LinkedIn profile, Google search results and your real life persona.

To assess your personal and online presence, Treva created a checklist with 22 questions you must ask yourself to determine if yours is impressionable and memorable. If it isn’t, call her to day and she can help you BLOOM into the brand that is uniquely yours.

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Detox your self-doubt, access your power, and live a confident life with a positive mindset. Treva reveals her proven methodology for building self-confidence in this 21 page guide.


Believe, Love, Observation, Opportunities and Mentorship

Join Treva for a journey to discover your self-worth and value. Learn her proven 5 steps to build self-confidence, and above all, put yourself first.

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100 Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help you see yourself in a different light. Here are 100 of Treva’s favorites for you to use.  Practice saying one everyday to give yourself a boost of confidence!  She uses positive affirmations every day and you can too!

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30 Day Self-Love Calendar

Practice 30 days of self-love to nurture your spirit and empower self-growth. Self-care is so important for your well-being. Use Treva’s guide to help you get started.