Bloom Personal Branding Treva_SpeakingButtons_Public-Speaking-Masterclass Public Speaking Masterclass

Speak your Way to Success

Are you ready to get up and make a presentation right now?

This masterclass taught by keynote speaker, Treva Graves, will share her secrets on how to give an amazing speech whether you are on stage, in the board room or leading meetings.  This class can be taught in 1:1 or group sessions.

Key takeaways:

  1. Learn how to craft, organize and deliver a speech with impact.
  2. Use your voice, body language and visual aids to your advantage.
  3. Handle Q/A sessions and manage your time on any stage large or small.
  4. Learn how to use persuasion in your speech & project it with confidence.
  5. Make a lasting impression on your audience.

, This includes virtual presentations too. You will shine as a confident and dynamic speaker while leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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