Bloom Personal Branding Treva_SpeakingButtons_PersonalBrandingForLeadership Personal Branding for Leadership

82% of all Americans agree that “companies are more influential if their executives have a personal brand they know and follow.

Just like in fashion, there are new trends in personal branding.  Some trends are ever present like why you need to know the problem you solve, your uniqueness and who your audience or perfect client is.  But there are startling “new” looks that constantly keep entrepreneurs and leaders on their toes.  This keynote will provide an in-depth overview on current trends you need to know now and why you need to know them to set yourself apart in the busy, competitive world we live in.  It’s not what you think!

Your brand personas shape the opinions of whether or not people will trust you, follow you, hire you or buy from you.  It’s all about sharing your unique story.

Keynote takeaways include:

  • Learn current trends in personal branding and how consumers use it in making decisions.
  • The #1 secret to building a bestselling personal brand.
  • Know the difference between personal image vs. personal brand.
  • Determine the problem you solve for your clients, customers or team.
  • Discover your uniqueness.
  • Learn steps to write your brand messaging statement.
  • Project your personal brand with confidence and ease.

Personal Branding is the future of marketing and your success.

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