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It isn’t just for Oprah! 

Personal branding is especially important for women in a world where glass ceilings are being shattered every day. 

Women still need to self-define themselves in a world of gender stereotypes and leadership gap.  Traditional gender expectations, lower self-confidence, and other challenges women overcome today all influence two elements of their brand-building:

Your Outer Beauty: image/dressing for success, communication skills, self-presentation.

Your Inner Beauty: self-perception, a vision of the future, self-identification.

This workshop will discuss how women can create a strong personal brand that can open the door to new business and career opportunities. Women have a unique set of challenges that men don’t have.  You will learn how you can influence others, become visible online and off and make a first impression that promotes credibility, trust and authenticity.  These elements are key to building a confident, successful personal brand.

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