Are you in search of a poised, charismatic, and compelling speaker?  Look no further!  At Bloom Personal Branding, Treva Graves is here to elevate your business presence.  As a certified professional speaker and workshop facilitator, Treva excels as an outstanding event moderator and conference speaker. With over 300 speeches given in the last 10 years along with her expertise in teaching, leading, and inspiring audiences to action, Treva understands the profound impact of appearance, behavior and communication on personal and professional relationships.  Isn’t it time to partner with her to boost your confidence, making a lasting impression for years to come?  Call Treva to schedule your keynote or workshop presentation today.  

“Treva captivates her audience exuding confidence, elegance and professionalism.  With her inspiring narratives and strategic approach, she not only grabs your attention, but also ignites insightful discussions motivating your audience to impactful action.”
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* See a topic you’re interested in, but it doesn’t fit into your time frame? Most presentations can be modified to fit your needs. Ask Treva for more information.

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Treva’s Speaking Reel

Treva only accepts 30 invitations to speak each year. Extend an invite here!

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“Treva spoke to our female students about women in leadership. Though her presentation included information on how to look professional and put forth one’s best self, she also coached our students on becoming an effective leader and most of all, a good person. Additional advice was offered on communication, confidence, and professionalism. Treva’s personality and expertise make her a role model to young women today. Our students walked away with the tools they need to be successful women in our world today.”

– Elli Wiemers, Principal
– Liz Kluver, Career Coordinator
Spencer High School | Spencer, Iowa