Self-Doubt Detox 

5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence

By Treva Graves

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Treva’s book is packed with compelling experiences to inspire, motivate and help guide you on your journey of healing to happiness.

Bullies are everywhere and come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. They can be people, problems, addictions, or even yourself, as an imposter that sits in your brain telling you that you will fail. Bullies are masters at sucking away your confidence that prevent you from reaching your true potential. 

Treva’s book, “Self-Doubt Detox: 5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence” inspires the reader to act and find the motivation to work towards a healthy mindset by taking back your power, and owning it forever. 

PLUS learn from Treva’s personal experiences and stories of how she defeated her “bullies” and detoxed self-doubt to live bold and brave.

In this book, you will learn the 5 Steps to Bloom Your Confidence:

  • How to BELIEVE in yourself.
  • How to LOVE yourself.
  • Use the power of OBSERVATION.
  • Take advantage of OPPORTUNITIES.
  • Find a MENTOR to inspire and support you on your journey to self-confidence.

“Self-Doubt silences your spirit,
but don’t settle for giving it the last word.”

Develop intention and let your strengths and goals guide you to move forward in the right direction. 

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