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Ladies, it’s time.

Time to Bloom Your Confidence.

Step away from self-doubt and insecurity and step towards confidence! 

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I spent most of my childhood stuck in self-doubt and insecurity, craving to look and feel confident like the women I looked up to in my job, in books, in magazines, and on TV. When I dug deeper, I realized that many of their stories were no different than mine. They overcame their doubts and insecurities and became successful because they learned how to bloom their confidence and portray their best selves. 

It was time for me to defeat my bullies and detox my self-doubt. I worked with mentors and coaches long before coaches were really a “thing.” Over time, I slowly built my confidence and things started to change. 

All it took for me was to start BELIEVING in myself.  

And now, it’s time for you to Bloom Your Confidence. 

My monthly membership will help you:

Feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Have happy and healthy relationships.

Build influence and lead with grace.

Increased work performance.

Ask for the raise and get the promotion. 

Start your own business.

Say no to things you don’t want to do, and yes to the things you do.

You will learn how to own your power to defeat your “bully” and bloom confidence everyday!

Working with Treva to prepare for an interview was enlightening and affirming.  She gave me a wonderful pep talk, helped me pick out the right interview attire and coached me on how to exude confidence in my verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  I walked into the interview with confidence because I knew I had the right look in person and on paper.  Treva helped me discover that with a positive mindset and believing in myself, I can accomplish my goals.  By the way, I got the job!”

Cindy MarshallCity Planner - Colorado Springs, CO
Bloom Personal Branding IMG_9880 Bloom Your Confidence Membership

How It Works: Bloom Your Confidence
Monthly Membership

Remember – join today! Be the first of 20 members to join Bloom Your Confidence and receive the discounted monthly price of $37/month!
(Normal retail price $67/month).

Bloom Your Confidence Monthly Membership with Treva Graves

Exclusive Access to:

Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-1 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls with guided confidence coaching with Treva Graves, founder and CEO of Bloom Personal Branding, and a global brand strategist for hundreds of clients worldwide.
Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-2 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
Hot seat coaching & coffee chats twice a month with Treva where you have the unique opportunity to dive deeper into your insecurities as well as your goals and personal branding. Sign-up is required!
Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-3 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
Accountability and Confidence Guidebook & Journal to track your progress and success throughout coaching.
Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-4 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
Access to Bloom Your Confidence Facebook Group – a private online community for support, confidence building, and motivation. Connect with like-minded women seeking support and motivation, just like you!
Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-5 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
Private online portal to access Treva’s library of coaching materials, past coaching calls, and new materials. 
Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-6 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
Discounts on 1:1 coaching with Treva.
Bloom Personal Branding Treva-SP-Design-7 Bloom Your Confidence Membership
PLUS! Bonus training with coaching experts focusing on confidence, performance, business growth, and more! 

Why Treva?

I started Bloom and developed my coaching program because I want to help women build their confidence much like how my mentors and coaches helped me. I’ve been in your shoes. I love what I do, and I want to help you. 

You deserve that raise, ask for it!

You have a great idea, voice it!

You will be successful, say it!

It’s time to start at the foundation of who you are. Join me in this journey and let’s Bloom Your Confidence from the ground up!

Join the Bloom Your Confidence monthly membership and receive exclusive training and coaching from me! Start building your confidence and step out of your comfort zone.

Bloom Personal Branding IMG_0923 Bloom Your Confidence Membership

The University of South Dakota – Sanford School of Medicine graduate women sends you a heartfelt thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave at our annual image and etiquette event.  Your expertise has helped women realize the important of a professional persona and how having a personal brand matters in medical practice.  Treva incorporated building confidence, interviewing skills, making appropriate wardrobe choices and even table etiquette in her inspirational talk.  There is truth in saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and you have helped us tremendously to ensure we make a positive impression from first to last.

Dr. Sara JonesChief Physician - Department of Pediatrics - Sanford Health

Remember to be the first of 20 members to join and receive discounted membership for only $37/month!

(Normal retail is $67/month).

More Questions?

What is the Bloom Your Confidence Monthly Membership?

This is a monthly membership & community for women who need help to bloom their confidence in order to live a life they always dreamed of. It is taught by Treva Graves and includes bi-weekly coaching calls, hot seat coaching opportunities, downloadable handouts and workbooks & past coaching calls to help you reach the success you deserve!

Is the membership for Bloom Your Confidence for me?

If you’re struggling with building self-confidence & acceptance then yes. If you struggle with putting yourself ahead of others and are always stuck in the cyclical grind of ‘do for others first then me last’ then absolutely.  If you need coaching but aren’t ready for the time & cost commitment of a 1:1 then this membership would be great for you!

How much time will it require?

The decision is yours!  In order to reach the level of success you want, being active in the community will help you achieve your confidence quicker and not just temporarily…..for life! You will feel empowered and have a better attitude with more happiness in life, family, and work. What you get out of the program depends upon how much you put into it!

How is the membership delivered?

Through zoom calls, hot seat coaching, regular posts and motivational tips, strategies. guest experts and handouts all available in the private Facebook group to help you achieve success.

How much does it cost?

Right now, this membership is available for just $37/month for the first 20 people who sign up. After that, it will remain at the regular price of $67/month.

Can I share my login access?

Please don’t, we track that. If you feel a friend or family member would benefit from this membership, just have them sign up & join with you!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Because this is a month-to-month membership, you can cancel whenever you want! No contract & time commitment. Come and go as you please.