BLOOM Into Confidence – Five Actions to Live By Everyday

Treva has been in your shoes. As a young girl, she lacked self-confidence and grew up not fitting in to the “norm.”  However, she figured out that your own behavior and image have a huge impact on how you are perceived by others. In this inspirational keynote, Treva shares her story of being bullied as a teen and how she finally “cracked” the confidence code.  Treva shares 5 daily actions that helped her conquer feelings of inadequateness that will inspire you to feel confident, positive and empowered every day. Without it, how can you be a leader or have success in life? Treva feels that confidence is in your “roots” and is the foundation of becoming who you are truly meant to be. Confidence is needed for your image, your personal brand, your career and in your life. You will leave this keynote ready to BLOOM into your confident self!

*This talk can be developed into a workshop presentation to further develop confidence skills on a deeper level.