Bloom Personal Branding Treva_SpeakingButtons_BloomIntoConfidence_vs3 Self-Doubt Detox


5 Steps to BLOOM Confidence and Live a BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT Life. 

Treva’s mission is to inspire 1,000,000 women to overcome Self-Doubt by believing in yourself.  She did it and you can do it too!  Treva will share her deeply personal story of how she overcame severe bullying and insecurity and became a confident woman by making the decision to believe in herself.

Treva will preview her branded BLOOM methodology and share tips, strategies and stories sprinkled with humor to help women build confidence from the roots up and bloom into the person they are meant to be. You will learn more about her hero, Mary Tyler Moore, as Treva will guide you to be “The Mary, not the Rhoda!” Audiences will laugh and be inspired!

*This talk can be developed into a workshop presentation to further develop confidence skills on a deeper level.