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My Story

I’m often described as someone with big dreams, a warm personality, a touch of sophistication, and a whole lot of passion for what I do—and I couldn’t be prouder of that! But let me tell you, those qualities didn’t come easy.

After facing some tough times in my childhood, I found myself battling with self-doubt and insecurity well into my young adult life. It was like wrestling with “confidence bullies” that just wouldn’t quit. But I refused to let those doubts define me.

I chased perfection for a while, thinking it was the key to happiness. Turns out, it wasn’t sustainable. It took some soul-searching and a helping hand from a mentor and coach (back when coaching wasn’t all the rage) for me to realize that confidence is something you can actually learn and nurture—it’s like a muscle you strengthen over time.

On this rollercoaster ride of self-discovery, I had an epiphany: when I started embracing my own power, those bullies lost their grip, and I emerged stronger and happier. It was a game-changer, teaching me that confidence is the secret sauce for success.

That’s why I founded BLOOM and created my special coaching approach—to share the wisdom and support I received with others. I’m on a mission to help you build confidence and shape a personal brand that’s as unique as you are.

So, if you’re ready to uncover your true self, kickstart a business, or step up into leadership roles, I’m here to be your coach and guide. Whether you need a gentle push or a deep heart-to-heart, I’ve got your back.

And hey, if you’re a fellow coffee lover like me, let’s grab a cup and chat about how we can make magic happen together. Your journey to confidence starts now—let’s do this!

Work With Treva

Treva Graves is a global personal brand expert and “confidence crusader” fostering self-empowerment and personal development to transform lives. Her expertise focuses on shifting people’s mindset from “I can’t” to “I can.” After facing a childhood trauma, she forced herself to overcome challenges of self-doubt and low self-worth and created strategies that would rewrite her identity and purpose.  This led Treva to write her book, “Self Doubt Detox – 5 Steps to Beat Your Bully and Bloom Confidence which became a best seller on Amazon. In her book, Treva shares how she turned her deepest pain into her biggest mission.

As a coach, national speaker and founder of Bloom Personal Branding, she has empowered business and sales professionals, leaders, coaches, speakers, and politicians to embrace their authentic selves and share their uniqueness through building influential and credible personal brands. Treva shares her thought leadership through writing as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and as a mentor expert at Powerful Women Today. Her articles and captivating presentations instill confidence and ignite positive change, particularly among women who draw strength from her empowering messages. Treva is a certified confidence coach through the American Confidence Institute and a licensed associate at the Imposter Syndrome Institute. She is dedicated to guiding people to unleash their full potential passionately advocating for confidence in everyone.

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Time to Bloom

With a personalized approach, Treva will help you create an image and personal brand that is authentic, consistent and memorable. Why? Because it’s your reputation! Feel confident and empowered as you develop a unique, visible personal and online presence to stand out from the crowd. Learn to communicate confidently and persuasively in one-on-one conversations, leading meetings, giving presentations, or even in a job interview.

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Ideal Client

Are you struggling with overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence, or creating your digital and personal brand? Confidence is a skill and you can learn how to project it everyday! If you are an entrepreneur, business or sales professional, author, speaker, coach or executive across a range of sectors, Treva’s programs are perfect for you!

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Live and In Person

As a highly sought-after thought leader, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator, her clear and direct approach engages and inspires audiences to action. Her coaching and results-based workshops are customized based on the needs of each client. She assesses your goals and objectives to develop a fun, interactive program that promotes a positive learning environment and company culture.

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Publicly Recognized

Treva is the best selling author of Self-Doubt Detox – 5 Steps to Beat your Bully and Bloom Confidence published on Amazon.  She is an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine, a global digital magazine that features articles on business, leadership and innovation and was selected by Brainz as a 2024 winner of the Crea Global Award. Treva is also a mentor expert at Powerful Women Today. She has been an invited guest on numerous podcasts and written articles for global websites sharing her expertise.

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“Treva Graves’ expertise is refreshing! In a business world that moves whirlwind fast, etiquette often takes a backseat. Treva’s business & dining etiquette training can help set a business apart from its competition. It’s not necessarily about following every rule of etiquette, but more so about being prepared and confident to navigate any business setting, formal or casual. Preparation leads to confidence and we are all the best version of ourselves when we step into a business deal or business dining experience with confidence.”

– Kira Kimball – Chief Innovative Officer
Howalt+McDowell – A Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company

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