Are You Tired of Being the Wallflower and Ready to BLOOM?

Do you wake up with feelings of Self-Doubt or Insecurity that hold you back from achieving success?

Are you ready to Confidently Build & Monetize your Image and your Personal Brand?

Well, guess what?  It’s time for a SELF-DOUBT DETOX!

Hi, I’m Treva.

I spent most of my childhood stuck in self-doubt and insecurity.  I craved to look and feel confident like the women I read about in books, saw in magazines and on television.  I realized that many of their stories were no different than mine.   So, I decided I needed a “SELF-DOUBT DETOX.” I tried to do it on my own, but failed too many times to count. Finally, I worked with a personal coach, long before “coaches” were really a thing.

After slowly building my confidence, things started to change.  My uniqueness had been inside of me all along.  I just had to BELIEVE in myself.

My personal journey took me awhile, but that’s ok.  Everyone is different.  I love what I do and I have a clear vision of myself and where I’m going.

Now, it’s my turn to help you.

Today, I am a personal brand expert, confidence coach and public speaker. I help 7 figure and small business entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, professional speakers, coaches, politicians, sales and business professionals build influence, impact, credibility and income by creating powerful personal brands. I work with you to provide a focused portrait of your professional reputation – one that will be invaluable for your success.

My passion for personal branding, speaking and building confidence in my clients drive me to do what I do and it’s my uniqueness. I will take you from feeling defeated to becoming a determined person who is bold, brave and brilliant! I will teach you my branded “BLOOM” methodology to overcome the roadblocks you are facing now and gain quick wins with the long game in mind.

So, are you ready to start believing in yourself, have more confidence, create long-lasting relationships and live a happier, more productive life?

Let’s get started now!

“I help you build confidence by creating a powerful personal branding transformation that celebrates your uniqueness.”

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Who Benefits from Personal Branding and Confidence Coaching?

  • Business & Sales Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Leadership and Management Executives
  • Personal Coaches
  • Politicians

Let’s Ignite Growth! Treva is Available For:

  • Keynote Presentations for Small and Large Groups
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • All Programs are Available to Clients Worldwide Both In-Person or Virtually